Monday, 23 February 2015

Bird watching and outfits

Hello everyone.
It was Saturday the sun was shining and for once it wasn't raining, so I took this opportunity to go down a country route, just to get out the house, staying away from all the essay writing.

As I got down there (the very end of the beach) there was a small building which had a small welcoming cafe along with the trail. To your left was the sea and to my right was the bird spotting route.

This was the most muddy walk I've been on, my shoes we're sinking slightly- luckily I opted for my boots instead of my dolly shoes.

it was about a mile long so that added to my workout routine.

if you are interested in going go visit titch field haven they are a lovely set of people sharing information giving me leaflets to help me identify each bird. unfortunately I only found a robin.

what I was wearing- as I was going on a muddy walk I didn't want to wear something colourful as any mud stains wont be as visible.
My jeans and top are both from new look 
then my bag was from peacocks, I've had this for a while but I thought it was time to use it.

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Sunday Routine

Thankfully I don't work on Sunday's so this means the whole day is mine. Usually all my Sunday's are relatively the same. Here's my Sunday routine.

I don't tend to waste my day In bed so I always get up 9am 

Next I go for a run to the sea front not usually stop to admire the views as I'm too busy running.
I come back and do a bit of a home workout to set me of for the day. Obviously I rise of after this.
Sunday is my clear skin days (if I'm not going out) I would definitely invest in buying a face steamer, I use mine once a week to open my pours and keep them clean. I then go clean and moisturise my face with my simple products- almost ran out! 

All these product works so well with my skin and I saw a massive difference when I went back to my simple face creams and washes along with Olay.
Now the day is mine... 
I get dressed in comfortable top and jeans usually.

Breakfast is usually Weetabix with a cup of tea; filling you up without bloating, bonus!
After that I go and sort my pets out, feed the guineapigs and rabbit and take the dogs for a walk if it hasn't been done. 

By now it's lunch time and I'll either have:
Family over or to visit 
Meet friends 
Or go shopping: food or clothing 
Dinner time! Eating healthy is a must do. Quick tips- reduce on the carbs have filling foods instead of loads of food, cover your plate in vegetables!!!!! Or if your having a takeaway go for the least calories for Chinese I vote for small chicken chow mien.

If your like me and swamped in college work I spend my Afternoon and evening doing revision and essays so I don't fall behind. I found if your not taking all this new information in re-write your revision in a new notepad. You'll be surprised on what you can remember. 

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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Christmas gifts

Hello everyone, hope your Christmas's went great. Here's a snippet of a few gifts I received from  family and friends.              
I bought  an iPad whilst it was in the January sales as it was much less.

I need to find a picture to go in the photo frame  
This elephant box is my all time favourite present as I love old wooden boxes.                         "Elephants never forget"
Comment what was your best gift 💕     

Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas shopping

 Hello, I've had a busy weekend trying to finish buying presents for everyone- almost done now.
 These pictures are quite dark due to taking them on the way back as it was so busy. I would definitely recommend going to Portsmouth for shopping ad I went and they had so many market stalls with things you don't normally see.

Overall my favourite shop for Christmas presents is Debenhams they have so many gift sets or objects that are unusual.

Elsa and anna in Thorntons

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